Not giving a cent to riot until there is changes in the way balance is handled

Right now, I am done, I saw most of my picks get either gutted to the ground because of pro-play (RIP sweet prince{{champion:48}}) or their counter stay super strong for good knows how long because of the OTP community and whatever the balance team is smoking {{champion:24}} {{champion:92}}{{champion:67}} It's been months that were complaining about damage meta, and yet all you seem to be able to do is buff and overbuff damage from everyone. I'll get some hate for that, but w/e, I'm {{champion:23}} player, and I think he's not in the best spot right now, but that's not my point, last time trynda was buffed, it was too much, what was Riot reaction, the very next patch it was reverted, not tuned down, no complete rivert, that means you'all know when something is too strong? THEN HOW COME {{champion:67}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:92}} are allowed to exist like that? I honestly don't know the reasonning. And I'm not mentionning the terrible matchmaking and so much things that are wrong. For all those reasons I wont send a cent to riot until some problems are acknowledge and some stuff is fixed. Congratulations to skin and lore team though, great job.
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