I'm just...not having fun in league anymore

"Stop playing then you scrub" people will say. And yes, while this is an appropriate response, I believe that a lot of other players are feeling this way too. "It's only preseason" others will say. Ya, I get it. Things will change, but only so much so. So please, don't just be rude and uneducated in your comments. It all really started(for me and I think quite a few others) with the good old Juggernaut patch(I am including fiora and Gp reworks in here for the sake of argument). Immediately after release, players would often see 3+ Juggernauts in one game. After the first few games I was like, meh, they aren't too bad and I'm sure they'll get nerfed and become less popular. Well....that happened to Skarner. The others saw only slight nerfs and some even BUFFS. For the rest of season 5, Juggernauts were pick or ban in almost every single game(including worlds!). It was time for the adc update in preseason 6. I was so excited! Finally some champion diversity! Then I actually start playing in preseason 6, and it's somehow even worse than Juggernaut patch. Every single game, adc jungle. Adc top. Adc support. Adc as adc. Literally any role is adc now. It used to be just vayne that was amazing in more than one lane(that other lane being top, where she was still fairly strong as long as she had a tanky jungler and sup), but now almost all of the new adc reworks stomp the lanes. You can have graves jungle, quinn top, vayne mid, cait adc, and then a support like alistar, and that's and ACTUAL VIABLE TEAM COMP. In closing, yes I know adc's will get nerfs, and yes that it's just the preseason, but they will still remain strong because the new adc's can make LC$BIGPLAYZ. This just makes the game boring. Back in the other seasons, you could pick a fun team comp with like lee mid, karthus and viegar bot, swain top, and name jungle. If you had enough teamwork and were skilled enough, YOU COULD MAKE THAT WORK AND WIN. Now you would just get stomped by the meta picks. And it doesn't help that games are decided by (basically) 1 decision, and that they last (most of the time) under 20 minutes. But I guess I'm just a bronze who knows nothing about the game, because you know you judge everybody by their rank. *prepares for hate comments*

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