Why are people complaining about Ohmwrecker being removed?

The item does not show up on any of the tracking sites data (OP.gg, u.gg, etc) for any of the champs in league. Its not even niche, because NO ONE is building this item. The item itself is effectively bad, because it serves a very odd purpose - its a tank item that turns off the turret. Tanks, who are stacking armor, want to have that turret aggro when their team is diving a turret; they have the armor to survive the shots and let their teammates do the damage during the dive. Assassins would want the active, but not the stats. Even bruisers wouldnt want to pick up this item because when they would need it, in the early game, building it would hamstring their build, while late game they want more efficient items to round out their build. The ONLY reason to keep the item is because of it being a named item created by Riots old referral program. To do that they would need to massively change the item (which they could) IMO, if Riot was to change Ohmwrecker, it would need a clearer active, but also a stat-line that isnt garbage when the active isnt being used. {{item:3056}} - {{item:3067}} + {{item:3082}} + {{item:1029}} + 600g (2700g) 70 Armor 300 Health 10% CDR Unique Passive - Cold Steel: When hit by basic attacks, cripples source's attack speed by 15% for 1 second. Unique Active: Targets nearest enemy turret within 800 units with a freezing ray. The user instantly gains turret aggro. The ray resets turret damage and prevents the turrets from gaining stacks of "warming up" for 3 seconds. The freezing ray creates a slowing field in a cone on the ground behind the targeted turret, which last for 2.5 seconds, which slows enemies by 25% for 1 second. The targeted turret is immune to this effect for the next 30 seconds. (90 second CD) Now the item has a better synergy with champs (tanks want the stats, they also want the active instead of not wanting the old active) It also creates more incentive for use to dive by a team, as the tank can "claim" the turret aggro even if someone else went in first, or simply to reset the heated up passive of the turret.
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