Question about Zed, the most annoying assassin to face of them all

Ok, so I'll cut the pleasantries, as I'm no mood of them. There's something I want to ask about Zed. In the past, Mages got nerfed because all they used to do was sit back and wave clear where they'd harass you if you tried to harass them, making the lane uninteractive. So why is Zed the only assassin allowed to do that just as well without having any draw back on his aggression? Talon can also wave clear from a distance, but he trades his kill potential for that safety. Ekko can also wave clear from a distance, but he also trades kill potential for it. Fizz is Fizz, push him out, he can't farm, still annoying to face tho. LeBlanc wants to get in your face and kill you, if she doesn't she sets herself behind. Akali is somewhere between Ekko and Fizz. Katarina is around there as well, she doesn't really have much wave clear without putting herself in danger There there's Zed, who doesn't trade anything for that safety, and he has his 1300 range harass with WQ, which allows him to initiate on you without Flash as well if somehow you get low enough. Yes yes, I know some of you will defend him with "but if he uses W, he doesn't have an escape anymore", but here's the thing, the "good Zeds" don't seem to push the lane, letting it get close to their tower where they can farm safely even if they harass with WQ, and if the lane is close to the middle of the lane, unless you can all in and kill him right away, if you get close he'll just WEQ you for a lot of damage, and if you're close enough, his own Q will hit, procking Electrocute as well. Let's not even talk about that cheap last hit assistant he has. He makes no tradeoffs for a safe lane, which makes him stupidly annoying to lane. I can force other assassins to stay back and farm/lose farm (depending on their waveclear) and they can't kill me unless I fuck up, but Zed can WR and boom, you're done. Are Zed mains in some sort of deal with Riot along the Shaco mains? If not, what's the exact reason why Zed is allowed to do so? {{sticker:sg-shisa}}

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