Will ADC's and their items ever get meaningfully nerfed?

The Marksman update completely ruined this game. Now you have {{champion:51}} who can spam out 50 traps under the enemy turrets and her free headshot damage is rediculous, plus she has the same safety that {{champion:161}} has in range. Its rediculous. Or there is just {{champion:29}} who stands there and does nothing but auto-attack for a free pentakill. When is Riot going to look at the REAL problem. Its not the champion themselves, its the ITEMS that they have. ADC's build the SAME THING every game and there is no actual decision making or intelligence so would it be too much to ask for Riot to actually MAKE adc's have to think about their builds in the way that every other class does, rather then having one size fits all items? ADC's are the only absolutely REQUIRED role in the game and this is completely unfair. Its about time that Riot changed the stale meta so that there can be other configurations, rather then just ADC/Support Bot meta, constantly.

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