If you can not devote 30 to 40 minutes for a game, do not play at all.

Just had a Fiora that urged us to rush it down mid that way we could end the game in order to conform to her needs so she could leave and do whatever she needed to do. Except, we were not ahead enough, nor had enough pressure to do so, so, we ended up running head first into an enemy we could beat. We almost won, but the death timers were not long enough for us to finish it off. And guess what? We lost. They got Baron, picked 3 of us of because our death timers were desynced, and pushed into our own base to end it. And then somehow I'm the one to blame for trying to get it through their heads that we could not win by just mindlessly pushing it down mid. So....here is a PSA from your friendly neighborhood Electro... If you have something to do within the next hour, DO NOT QUEUE UP. Plain and simple! Yes, I understand we are in a fast meta right now, but that does not guarantee that you may wind up in an hour or longer game. The average game length is still around 30 minutes, so, *at the very least* give yourself 45 minutes for an entire game. If you don't have that time, DO NOT QUEUE UP! Sorry for the rant......wanted to get that out.
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