The Camille nerf missed the mark really hard.

Camille's big issue in dominating the jungle is not her attack speed. Mind you, the .20% nerf is a joke in itself due to the nature of her kit. EX: 1. She receives a bonus to damage with a **delay** in attacking. 2. She has attack resets. 3. She utilizes burst. All of these things completely invalidate the AS nerf. With how her kit functions a decent Camille may lose 1 to 5 autos out of the entire jungle clear. 5 sounds like a lot, but it's really not. Especially when you consider the fact she really doesn't spend a lot of time clearing her jungle to begin with. Camille's BIGGEST problem is her E. Just so people can understand how disgusting her E is. From the middle of bot lane at tier 2 turret, Camille can use E and kill you at your red buff. With that knowledge, think of how much pressure she exerts on both mid and top just by existing . . . the answer is A LOT. With where the minions crash in mid lane . . . Camille can literally do red buff, walk up from the wall of red buff, push E onto the wall of mid lane and crash into your mid laner where the casters are in the wave. Your mid laner essentially has to give an entire wave of cs away + give level 2 advantage just because Camille exists. Her E's distance needs to seriously scale with level to give people a chance to breath. It isnot hard to remove 200 range off the first part of E and 100-200 range off of the second part and give it back to her in scaling increments. I understand the range is designed to be very forgiving so she can collapse on people in the middle of lane. However, it was also designed with top lane in mind ((where you removed her from essentially.)) Removing this range will force her to position like most other junglers have to, actually be mindful of wards, and also give laners some breathing room for the first wave or two of minions. This also means that Camille will be forced to look for legitimate opportunities beyond, "Well, it appears X mid laner stepped in to the lane, guess I'm just going to 100-0 him from my red buff now." Most other junglers _generally_ have to wait for a certain period of time, a particular cc to be used, a movement ability, some form of commitment to an exchange, timers for wards to disappear, clear pinks. Camille does not. And this is all because of her E range. Additionally. Due to warrior + triforce and E max . . . she's covering roughly 1200-1600 range through walls every . . . 6-7 seconds? With that I highly recommend jacking the CD up of her E. I feel this is incredibly fair. 20 / 18 / 16 / 14 / 12. This makes it so laners can breath, and also so that if Camille performs terribly she can not just out scale her mess up by having an hilariously low E CD to throw her body at people. However, if the Camille does do well she's going to have 40% cdr in no time and the changes will mean virtually nothing to her. All in all, I personally feel this balancing team is wasting every ones time and I'm getting pretty tired of it. I get the AS nerf is supposed to "punish inefficiency/ slow clear." But there are so many A-reset assets these days it hardly means anything, and the issue is not how fast she clears the jungle, but how disgusting her gank potentials are. This will make it so she still has the same power budget ((hilarious burst.)) But it will make it so laners can play around her, and also force more effort out of her when it comes to ganks. That's all I'm going to say on the matter.
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