IMO, the PBE buffs to Dorans Shield dont accomplish what Riot wants for it

{{item:2033}} + Teleport are already the go to for most top laners when you know you are going to be poked out of lane by some ranged top laner. Adding up to 10 more health to be regenerated over 8 seconds (based %missing health) isnt going to make it easier for tanks or melee top laners to fight into ranged top laners. And the 75% reduced effectiveness for ranged users of shield 100% doesnt matter, since they are already taking offensive items, not shield. A better unique passive would be taking 2 less damage from ranged champion auto attacks. Or even less damage from minion auto attacks. Cause they trade on to you in the wave and take minimal minion damage, god forbid they step out of position into the wave and you trade onto them and their minions destroy you because you are a melee champ

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