PSA to Riot. Items are not supports.

Riot has taken a dangerous development path, many in fact, but lets deal with this one for the moment. The fact that the items a support buys has become more important than the support them selves. Does anyone remember when a support was chosen because of what they brought to the team? Because they filled a important role that the rest of the comp simply lacked? Be it a tank, a controller, or an enchanter they brought something unique to the team that felt impactful in a very upfront way. Now it's " can X items be used most effectively on Y champions" . Don't get me wrong, supports are still capable of turning a game around in the right hands but why do I need to pass an item Litmus test before I consider said support? Why are X items MANDATORY in nearly every single game? Riot got rid of old items such as old herald and aegis because they said you couldn't visually see the buff, feel the impact in a visceral way but what did we get instead? Catchall items that took meaningful choice out of the equation. Pure healing, shielding, and redirection. The utility a support was meant to bring to a team. No items that helped your team based on the situation so you only needed 1 maybe 2 pure support items. Now it's 4 slots of extra abilities too use, basically another champion in item form. When did we decide we need a champion inside a champion? Why did we need active effects stronger than most abilities and as effective as some ultimates? I don't have a real end to this little rant and highly doubt Riot will even pay attention to it but I have to ask. When did the Items I buy become more important than the champion I play?
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