Yuumi And Mordenkaiser, how unintentional nerf went too far.

When Yuumi was introduced I was happy, I am a cat person and I liked the consept, sure after mastering her bit I understood she needs bit toning down, which I accepted on 9.12 patch notes. I also saw new Mordenkaiser, thought it was interesting consept, perhaps bit too strong, but was eager to see how he plays in rift. ... And then I met him on other team playing on Yuumi, and I have never hated Riot games more. Forget counter picks and hard counters, mordenkaiser is ban or don't pick Yuumi for Yuumi players as he makes Yuumi completely useless in rift and I'll explain why. Simple : Mordenkaisers R removes yuumi from targets. This has several consequences: Most apparent one is that if Yuumi is attacked to someone spearheading a chance and morde ults that targets, she gets isolated. In adition, if Morde ults carry Yuumi backs up, not only carry is pretty sure dead, Yuumi is again isolated and easy to kill. Not to mention if Morde can ult Yuumi herself between dashes or during dash out aa for shield moments, it's worse than fed Veigar : You can't do anything. Yuumi has absolutely no chance beating morde in 1 v 1 situation. None, nada, zip, every other champ at least has a chance to run , but Yuumi has almost none unless morde is really bad player and Yuumi has both heals, flash AND exhaust up ( which is rarely case if she has to dash out to get shield proc). So let's sum up. - Morde has at will removal of Yuumi making one of the squishiest champs in game easy kill and killing her support target in duel. - Morde has almost quarenteed 100% win rate if he catches Yuumi in duel compared to other champions. I hate you Riot. I hate your short sightedness. I hate your vision.
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