One Sided Games Of Season 8

Games are almost always decided by: A. Junglers B. Junglers C. Junglers Games are uncarryable in Season 8 and really shows how little impact you have as a player. Before the game even starts the game is already decided. Is your jungler autofilled against a jungler main? GG. Is your jungler playing something non meta? GG. Theres no impact in this game and its annoying as shit. You cant win lane and use it to your advantage. You cant 1v9 anymore which makes it pointless for even learning the game. Nowadays if you wanna rank up, you need luck and just keep playing. Last season I was diamond 1, and I was looking at where some of the other players are this season. Majority of them are stuck in plat elo. Explain to me how Diamond 1 players from season 7 and previous season arent able to make it out of plat season 8? If you answered "Because games arent skill dependent anymore", then ding ding ding we have a winner. People are losing because of the one person that is going 3/13 (etc), refuses to communicate, refuses to cooperate and just keeps making stupid plays. You can be 14/2 as a Kat otp, you still cant carry. You can be 15/5 as a Jayce otp, still cant carry. Champions that are literally designed for snowballing and winning games cant carry because of these reasons: 1. Damage is STILL too high since preseason started. You can be 11/3 and still die 1v1 to a 3/7 Garen because Garen presses Q R ignite and you die instantly. This makes it to where carrying isnt even a thing anymore when you cant 1v1 someone when youre insanely fed. 2. Resolve or people that build health in general can out damage full damage. People who build like this, Trinity Force, then tank items are what im talking about. 3. You cant 1v2 at the same time unless youre tanky. Back then youd see montages of Rivens being able to 1v5 when theyre fed, now a riven cant even 1v2 because everyone does stupid damage. Champions in this games all went from having a unique play style, to 1-2 playstyles. Youre either an Assassin (bursts squishys in .99 seconds) now, or a Bruiser (Can deal big damage take big damage). Hell when you have champions like Malphite, Poppy, Sion, Cho, Trundle, Yorick, etc, taking Ignite in the top lane over Teleport, you know this game is screwed. Thats another thing, you cant 1v1 someone that takes ignite now because ignite does 1/4 of your health as damage. Its bloody insane.
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