"Vel' Koz" the Last Great Design From Riot Games

You ask why I think he is a great design. Well I will not make it too long so here it goes. The Pythagorean Theorem is op dude. {{champion:161}} as a professor of Disintegration: A (squared) + B (squared) = Q goes longer distance. The simplicity, effectiveness, counterability, and balancing of his kit was truly a masterpiece. His Thematic/art are also very in line with his gameplay and abilities. He is all about ripping and disintegration while occasionally using your math skills. I love that. His R is easily countered if played against properly and the dmg it does is high because of that along with the rest of his skill shots like Q, W, and E. He has only one hard cc thats on a reasonably high cd. The W and Q are really fun to use and easy dodge if you are good enough. The passive is really easy to balance since it is true dmg based off the third ability proc. The more I talk about this champion the more I love who made him. He was the last shinning example of the perfect new champion that could be balanced if need be. He might be strong rn but trust me his kit is designed well to where the changes will be healthy and respected. Make more champions like Vel. Easy to learn and fun to play while also making him fun to play against. Its hard Riot I know but trust me, whatever you did to come up with Vel just do it for all the rest please. I also love screaming geometry as I get kills with Q. Math is fun guys. You should know that his Q is longer range when put at a 45 degree angle from the enemy champ.
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