DO NOT play ranked if you have a ff@15 mindset

Unless you are down like 8 towers and getting snowballed worse than TL vs G2 in a 20-3 game where you have no late-scaling whatsoever, stop throwing surrender votes like a god damn child every chance you get off cooldown. If a player does not have the mentality to try their best in EACH game they play, anything less is equivalent to trolling. It really is. If I'm not trying my best and rather move "onto the next one" and you're in your promos, how would you feel? Would you like to needlessly grind through more games and pray the 50% statistic favors you this time around, or maybe play a little smarter, get more organized, and find a way to turtle for some 8 more minutes for a chance to win? Granted the fault lies heavily on whoever thought early forfeiting was a good idea. At least not without its limits. I didn't have to grind like 800 games to hit plat seasons back; it took about 90 to go from silver 4 to plat 5. Why? Believe me there were a LOT of games most would've thought unwinnable but proven otherwise. Just really had it up to here with this quitter mentality. I can somewhat understand if it were a normal game. But then again if you don't bother to learn the art of the great comeback in a normal game now and then because a little bit of extra effort is too much to ask for, then I doubt they're gonna pull it off in ranked. If you don't have the capacity to learn from your mistakes or adapt (there will be a lot of games where you can't always match the cs of your opponent, it's fine), then please for fuck's sake don't queue up for ranked. Take a good damn look at yourself and improve in norms first. Where I won't report your AFK-sitting-in-base ass and spam Riot Support to suspend your account for your crappy attitude in the game that actually somewhat matters.

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