nasus unhealthy champion

nasus is one of the games most unhealthy champions why no action is being taken to fix or rework him ?? we need a team to kill one champion is that a healthy statement ?? he dont even need stacks anymore either just about 200 would be game over and a robot can get 200 stacks in 10 minates hes farming is very ez , he has one of the games hardest cc and craziest damages plus the fact that hes the games hardest toughest tank (( i stand by that statement )) and hes very forgiving to play and miss play , you can be bad at farming and feed your butt off , and when your enemy top laner leaves lane in the 15th min you can start farming and stacking and by the 25th min your good to go , you just need to get carried for 10 minates and then its over hes q cd is extreamly low , the damage is high , stacking is ez , hes life steal is crazy , and hes tanky in the same time ...... one of these sides needs to get deleted or HARDly nerfed ..... but as i said hes an unhealthy champion , that means if you nerf him hes gonna be unvialbe to play and very weak and right now hes broken af .... what he needs is rework i dont get your priority tree ... why would you rework swain or eve , and leave a champion like nasus where he is .....
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