Problems with Le blanc Revert (There are parts from UPDATE worth keeping which Riot didnt preserve)

Now I ll try to be AS KIND AS I possibly CAN BUT THIS IS VERY hard for me because I am attached to Le Blanc. Now first of all. I have been playing this game since season 1. Since there were only 25-30 champions in game. And I have mained LE BLANC as SOON as I saved IP to buy her to this day. I have mained Le blanc FOR 8 - 9 years.** I HAD A NUMBER 1 LE BLANC WORLD STATUS ON ALL relevant / irelevant sites** You will not find a better Le blanc anywhere. You just wont. yes you wont **Stuff worth preserving** 1. Mimic Clone - Priority on this should be 9000% 2. WQ Combo - Priority 5000% 3. RR - Shadow of a rose - If we ll have enough space in her power budget, we mostlikely dont 4. Her R cooldown should be SHORT just like live / old Le blanc. Hitting Q cooldown to 10,9,8,7,6 rather then it being 6 at all levels is my replacement to this nerf Stuff not worth preserving 1. Her old passive * I juked 10 000 times with this passive. I know very well its ins and out. YET I DO not want this passive despite me knowing that none ll be able to abuse is as well as I can. Literaly none * Low/Mid elo ll never juke on purpose with this, Because they cannot control it.. it ll just appear and by the time they start controlling it they wont know how to do it effectivly * High elo TOP 10 Le blancs world. I guarantee you. THE TOP 10 le blancs world exluding me ll only abuse the passive with useful juking 10-15% of a time. How do I KNOW? I have seen it, I already know. Its just a bad randomnish gimmick we have no control over, which even the best le blancs world suck at exploiting. **We would replace this passive with WQ combo. How?** Le blanc AoE Abilities (Just a Dash), Create a 1.5 sec cook time trigger on everything she hits with it. Other abilities who damage a target after those 1.5 second Proc a mark spreading to all targets (Bouncing would have usual speed and range, if a target dies mid Bounce it ll try to find a new target rather then vanishing) Le blanc distortion does reduced damage to minions (Le blanc AOE damage would be seperate from her waveclear basicly - easier to balance) Le blanc Q bounce of distortion mark does different (lower % bassicly) damage to minions (this is how you balance the waveclear) Le blanc chain can no longer deal damage to minions. but the chain still gets stopped by them- you cant e though them. (To prevent W into E aoe damage / waveclear) Le blanc which farms with 2 abilities is more healthy LE BLANC. AS she pokes less due to having to farm with 2 abilities. And Removing WQ combo ll break some Le blancs hearths. Just like you broke our hearths when QW, QE became irelevant after rework (I actually prefer reworked le blanc she gained some new combos more freedom granted that is partially unhealthy) WQ combo would be relevant, It would combat the QW combo in relevance for Poke (I estimate healthy 50/50 split) QW combo would be relevant since its old Le blanc QE combo would be relevant since its old Le blanc. Granted its weaker since WQRE / WRQE combos got weaker due to damage being bacloaded in E. It used to be a 50/50 split. Good le blancs would know when to Q>E over E>Q in their combos and vice versa. With Riot changes I estimate EQ- 60%/40%-QE split EQ combo would be relevant since it was always relevant but not it rivals QE - situationally WQRE / WRQE combos got weaker. Bassicly reworked Le blanc gained some combos but she lost the relevance of QE glad its back even if its a weaker version WE combo is always relevant. Correct chase combo / Help your allies catchup is QWERQ (For those who dont know old LB) EW combo is underated massive animation cancel. Just bring this up Note How in debth Le blanc would be after my change which bassicly just adds WQ into existance. #Keep in mind this are just short combos but they should all be relevant. LE BLANC IS A COMBO JUKE ASSASSIN This is why I want her to preserve the WQ combo This is why I want her to preserve her clone spawn (with or without shadow of a rose RR depending on how much power budget we got) LE BLANC SHOULD ABSOLUTELY NOT BE LOSING A **MIMIC **CLONE SPAWN - Why is clone Spawn Relevant on Le blanc? - It is large portion of her damage which requires skill. Clone procs Lichbane, revolver (this is whats core not FKING GUNBLADE eh the amater le blancs) - It has 0.1 second mini stealth like trickster attached to it. Imagine having to stay on target for longer time due TO E being more backloaded without mini trickster ): Yeah. - Good le blancs create confusion any time they MIMIC. SHE IS a *Juke assassin* Keep in mind guys reverted Le blanc is gutted version of OLD Le blanc Number wise here is why. Which is fine because I can suggest **extra stuff** I expect her to be at 43% Winrate with the changes they are making which is why I am suggesting extra stuff #So this is why Le blanc can keep her Mimic clone spawn any time she mimics. **This are all the nerfs Riot is doing compared to old le blanc** * Her Mana cost on Q is going UP. ""Mana Cost increased from 40/45/50/55/60 to 50/60/70/80/90"" * Her Mana cost on W is going up ana Cost increased from 70/80/90/100/110 to 80/90/100/110/120 * The old Le blanc had 4 seconds rather then 3 seconds to snap back, + there wasnt blink back delay, Not to mention it was faster (It shouldnt have been * faster, Le blanc has more counterplay when her dash is slower, Infact it can even be slower ) * Her Mana cost on E is going up by 30 at all levels. Its lenght is getting reduced (also a good spot to nerf, just like dash speed, Well done there Riot) * Her E is going to have backloaded damage (So yeah guys there is still tehnicly a delay). Weaker WQRE / WRQE oneshots (important long combos) * Her WQR combo is getting nerfed because her Mimic sigil ll have more damage on trigger compared to her normal sigil which has 50/50 dmg split * RQ Damage lowered from 150/275/400 (+0.6 AP) to 70/140/210 (+0.4 AP). * RQ Mark Damage changed from 150/275/400 (+0.6 AP) to 140/280/420 (+0.8 AP). * Her last Nerf is absurd Rising of her ultimate cooldown "increased from 54/42/30 to 110/75/40"". I cant stretch how big of a nerf that is. Every day I use Le blanc ultimate sometimes even 3 times per teamfight. YEP FKING 3 TIMES (15 sec cd with certain setup) - Its her core ability. #LE BLANC IS MIMIC thats her identity its both Combo ability and juke ability. 110 seconds HUH. ** I suggest this nerf instead of fking up her ultimate cooldown. Sigil of Malice cooldown changed to ** 10,9,8,7,6 from 6 seconds at all levels. With this we should Keep the LIVE cooldown. which is 54 / 42 / 30 a bit longer compared to old Le blanc 40 / 32 / 24. Mainly because of ultimate hat. ** Le blanc ussualy uses her entire combo. Then she uses her q and none of her abilities are up to proc it**, this is one of the spots I suggest taking power away because it is feels redundant, wrong, incorrect at current lower cd anyway, is also makes her less point and clicky early on. TLDR TLDR TLDR TLDR Due to above Riot nerfs mimic clone spawn preserved, Old passive removed with changes which preserve WQ as a relevant combo, Ultimate cooldown kept same as live (still higher cd then prerevert but lower then the absurd they suggested) **due to a replacement Q cdr nerf I suggested** WQ as a waveclear combo stays (Seperate minion Aoe damage from champion aoe damage for easier balancing). No longer ll WQ sometimes fail because it ll seek for a new target if a previous one dies mid Bounce flight. (Bassicly coded alike pyroclasam, Bugfix) **Now do we have enough Power budget to preserve Shadow of a Rose (RR) awell? Idk if we do, This is something Riot should add if we do.** And no its not just a scouting tool like riot says. I ll reply to anyone who wonders about all the ways you could use RR Without my suggested changes. I do not want her reverted. Dont get me wrong Both Le blanc versions were my mains. # FULL REVERT WAS NEVER SOMETHING LE BLANC MAINS WANTED. THERE ARE STUFF WORTH PRESERVING LIKE WQ COMBO AND MIMIC JUKE Most people who wanted a revert are: Gunblade le blancs (clueless players who have no idea what her core items are so they come to boards and whine how they cant kill people). #Imagine rageblade Graves whining how he cant kill people and Riot accepting a revert. (Yep thats the level of difference good build & skilled player makes) **THIS IS HOW I FEEL WITH THIS FULL REVERT**. I fking hate THIS GUNBLADE LE BLANCS they arent A REAL LE BLANC MAINS And there are Players who miss her W doing damage (not a rework fault, balance team fault) QW and QE combo being relevant. (This is me for example but I would never accept a **full **revert, partial I would because new Le blanc is great as soon as you drop Gunblade and learn clone procs). **this isnt partial revert this is full revert with around 8 relevant nerfs **
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