Rakan/Xayah Gifting Event Was Too Short

Just want to say that it was pretty much impossible to get the IP required for this event in the very short amount of time it was active. You pretty much had to have the IP ahead of time. Pretty lame, since it means I couldn't get the icons unless I played at least 8 hours each day of the event, and I don't have the time for that. Fail on Riot's part, imo. We played as much as possible (my GF and I) on the double IP weekend (which was also an extremely weak event - the double IP only applied to the base IP, not any bonuses like IP boosts), and didn't even come close to being able to unlock the champs for each other (we needed about 2k more IP at the end, even using Skin Boosts). Please try to make your events have a reasonable path to completion in the future :/ This one wasn't as good as past events which lasted longer.
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