Thresh: 26.95%Pick Rate 51.30%Win Rate, still no nerfs.

Title. He has a 27% pick rate but still maintains a 51% winrate? What is this???? hes literally picked in almost 30% of games but wins half of them..lmfao. he has everything in his kit, EVERYTHING but a heal. his Q is so abuseable, it doesnt even force him to take it or drag the enemy all the way in like Blitz's Q does or like Pyke's does. He has engage, SO MUCH CC, a slow thats pretty much a stun and a game breaking mechanic I wouldn't care if you could see which way his Q was going to throw but no, he can face backwards and throw it forwards meanwhile his champ will continue to face backwards, FIX HIS Q ANIMATION make him a high skillcap champion, hes too easy and too rewarding also very fustrating to play vs oh and saying "just dodge his q" isn't counterplay because you CAN'T SEE WHICH WAY HES GOING TO THROW IT.
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