Losing is straight up a terrible experience now.

** Back in da day: ** On no we are losing lets play safe farm a tiny bit and a in a few minutes lets see if we can get a good fight off. ** This season: ** ok guys its 15 minutes in and their trynd is 5/0 and their syndra is 7/1 don't leave base at all or you will get 1 shot. Like if you are losing its so fucking boring now, you can't go out from under tower at all, if one or two of your lanes are losing and you're the jungle then good luck getting any jg farm. Losing is honestly the most terrible fucking experience this season. I have never played a game in my life that makes me feel this shitty when I lose. **Rocket league you're losing** you can at least still play the game **Call of duty** (not a good game I know) Oh shit ok teams doing bad I can still run around and get kill streaks cause i'm better than these pleebs on my team overall not a shitty losing experience. Like honestly league is the only team game I have ever played that honestly leaves you feeling useless if your team got shit on.
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