Diamond perspective: Hardest to easiest roles in the game!

From hardest to easiest: 1. Mid: No contest, no discussion. Mid lane is the hardest role in the game, game knowledge, mech0nix and skills are vital for this role. In no other position does the individual shine more than in mid lane. The worlds best League of Legendary player is also a mid main, Faker Senpai! 2. Jungle: Pretty hard, to jungle effectively, you need to understand the game on a different level than laners do. The jungle game is entirely seperate from mid/top/bot playstyle. It is almost a new game when you play jungle. 3. Bot - ADC: The role that has dominated and been the most popular and allways effective role in pro-play and solo Q. While this role is very powerful, you start out weak and the majority of your damage comes from right click auto attacks from ranged, which puts this role lower than the two above it. 4. Top: What seperates top from mid is that top has less impact on the game and less carry champions that require skillz and mech0nix are played top. Top is usually an afk meta with tanky champions, the only thing that top laners have to master is their tp timing if they run it, if they don't, then it is one of the easiest roles in the game. Recommended for beginners. 5. Bot - Support: The easiest role in the game by far, if you want easy mode high elo, become a support main. Not much mech0nix or skills needed, your job is to help your ADC and cover for him and let him carry you. Most support champions are 0 skill fr00b champs that require no mech0nix, that is why the only support Champions I will ever respect are the risky play makers: {{champion:53}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:111}} . At least with these h00kz you can make some plays, but still, the difficulty of supporting is laughable. Recommended for beginners and those who want to play easy mode.
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