On Riven and the Runic Blade Resource Bar

Dear Riot, and all players who would like to weigh in, A while ago, I saw a player suggest a quality-of-life change to Riven that would occupy her resource bar with an indicator of her Runic Blade (passive) charges. I remember that a Rioter noticed the suggestion and mentioned that it would be an interesting way to use her otherwise-empty resource bar. Like I said, this was a long time ago, and I haven't seen hide or hair of this change since. I figured I would check up on the idea and see what people's thoughts were today. Do people still think this would be a nice thing to have? Is it entirely necessary for Riven to show her stacks more obviously than on her buff bar? What if you're not playing Riven, but playing alongside/against her? Would it be helpful for you to know this information? -Tact
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