How did it take Rito like 9/6 months to figure out

How to nerf akali, irelia, and the other broken champions? Its almost like they didn't intend to balance them at all last season or something. But riot would never throw out game balance for views on the pro scene! 9 months to figure out that Disarm was dumb. 6 months to figure out that being able to freely harass under enemy towers with no repercussion was broken. Then the nerfs all happen within a two week period of each other. But rito would never fuck would game balance ever. They want the integrity of their game to good. Not for money or for skin sales. Seriously, Riot. This thing of nerfing/buffing because you want it to be in a scene has got to go. Reworking as well. You can't just strip people of the champions they love, and say. "Look now its better!" Then within the same year completely gut those champions. Ever since season 6 you've been doing this exact thing. Ryze Taliyah Azir Irelia Akali (Surprisingly I don't think many from season 7 got hit) This list can go on. I am not saying this because I am salty. I am saying this because, it is unfun. Its unfun for the people who like those themes. Its unfun for people who want to climb. Its unfun for people who want to play casually. Its unfun for people who played those champions before the reworks. Theme: Because they spend time learning this champion, poor sweat and soul into it. Only for it to not matter months later. Climb: Because they either have to learn these new champions or get dumpstered because they aren't playing them. Casually: Because these champions literally ruin a for fun feel, seeing any of them in a game just brings out frustration. There isn't enough "Counter-Play" to these champions before the nerfs. Reworks: Because the years, spent learning and mastering said champions are now down the drain. You'll never see the fruit of your labor. You are given a mutated seed with nothing but a hoe and watering can. And have to start all over. This is part of the reason why higher rated players just stop caring to climb. This is a major part of the reason why NA is still Ass. But this will fall on deaf ears. All gaming companies no longer give a shit about the players once they make it big. Its about milking the cow for all of its money before the players go onto another game.
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