How can we know that we are not playing with/against bots?

Like it the title... how can we know it? We don not see the players, conversation like "hi, gl, hf" etc. can be simply created by simple script. How can we know that we are playing with real people? Look at this: Two years ago they (RIOT) have tested "advenced bots", but now in game we have only - max "semi-proffesionals" bots. Do not you think that after two years they (RIOT) may choose them (bots) in player selecting system in teams creations? I remember them, they were rly strong... but now... why after two years we can not choose them in custom game... answer is simple -> if we could we would reaized that they are playing similiar to us and the games draft/normal games looks like those with bots. But if... is not that some form of manipulation... becouse - who will decide how many bots will have each team and with what difficult lvl... and finally - who may have to win tha match? (I'm sorry for my english, I'm still learning)
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