The biggest gameplay patch in Leagues history is on Wednesday, CALM DOWN ABOUT BALANCE TILL THEN

Yes Twitch is OP, Adcs are bullshit, bot lane has too much impact, Galio's dumb, etc. etc. But the biggest patch LoL has ever seen is in like 3 days, and its going to change the game MASSIVELY; Its why Riot didn't do much in terms of balance for the past few patchs, because EVERYTHING is going to change when runes hit. Just *wait*. (Its also going to be pre-season, when things are crazy; So don't be surprised when shit hits the fan) EDIT: SEems a lot of people don't get the point of the post, new runes wont FIX everything, its just going to be a big enough change that theres no reason to complain about things on live as they are now, cause they're already going to be incredibly different once runes hit. Complain when runes hit live, not now because it doesn't help anything.

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