I really wish Tryndamere took even the slightest braincell to play, even beating him he's a pain

Like this one I recently got through playing against, I whooped his ass beyond belief, only because he went {{item:1006}} {{item:1006}} {{item:1006}} at the start and took Footwork instead of going braindead Conq and running me down with true damage crit balance, and yet despite the fact that I had triple his farm by 10 minutes and took his tower at 15 this skilless zero-effort POS still stayed relevant by doing nothing but split pushing. He mindlessly went down side-lanes during fights and despite everyone being massively fed compared to him he still chunked anyone that went to deal with him for a 3rd of their HP all because he had a {{item:3087}} I just wish he actually got punished like anyone else in the game for getting shat on, but he **_doesn't_**, because even if he gets spanked into a desolate wreck by his enemy laner he'll just go full on split-bot once laning phase is done and never leave side-lanes, taking towers in seconds despite being 0/10/0 with 100 farm at 25 minutes and forcing 2 people at a time because he can 1v1 anyone with braindead Crits and his uncounterable Ult. Such a batch of cancer, why does Riot refuse to do ANYTHING to make him have even the slightest semblance of balance and health?
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