@Riot MMR is bugged but I can't see it

This is now the 8th time I've been demoted from silver 1 to silver 2 without a single protection game at 0lp. I woke up, played my promo game, won (+0 promoted), lost (-0), won 2 (+18, +19), lost 3 (-17, -18, -2) ---> demoted. This has literally become an every 2 day thing for me. If I've been in silver 2 / silver 1 for now ~150-200 games never dropping below 50lp s1 or rising above 50 s2 then why does my MMR apparently think I'm so low as to demote me **immediately **every single time? I literally haven't had a single grace game in probably 300-400 games. There's no possible way this is working as intended...

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