Level 1 - 30 Rewards Discussion

Hello everyone, I wanted to discuss the rewards you get at Levels 1 - 30, and why they are bad for the new player experience. Recently, I have been leveling a smurf, (this is looked down upon), and I realized, how bad the rewards are for new players. To make this short, I have three points I want to make for the rewards that will hopefully establish my ideas. * ** Giving a random 4800 blue essence champion, does not equate to 4800 blue essence.** To elaborate, at level 4, a player obtains Brand, and on the Riot support website, it states it's worth 4800 blue essence. Yes, Brand is worth 4800 blue essence. But, that does not mean the champion itself is worth 4800 blue essence to the player. It's like me giving you a skin, like El Macho Mundo, and saying it's worth 1350. I would rather just have 1350 RP, in general. It forces players to play a certain champion, and not being able to play a champion of their choosing. * **The reward at level 10 (Sanguine Garen, or Ashe skin) is abysmal** Why does a player have to be forced to have a skin for Ashe or Garen? Why are they not able to have a Your Shop configuration, where they can buy any skin 975 and below to choose. Yes, smurfing is something that is prevalent, that can abuse this, but hextech chests are not the way for players to get skins. Especially since the Orange Essence nerf, it's even more difficult. * **Giving players 500 blue essence for a level does not feel good** The amount of blue essence new players obtain are abysmal, yes players will be able to obtain champions easier because of no runes, but out of level 15, I have only been able to get a 6300 champion and 2540 blue essence. This is crazy, I want to be able to get some champions, not just 450 or 1350. Overall, the rewards given feel unforgiving, and just unfriendly overall.

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