Unhappy with LOL’s current state? Lack of Dev empathy? Boycott skin purchases.

The boards are awash with complaints about the current state of LOL. Difference between past and present is in the past it was complaints about strong champions not game design. Fed up with games where strategy is gone? Where you die, know the mistake you made but can't turn it around because it's not about skill anymore but more about who 2 shots who first and one death means first tower and loss? Fed up with "oh look there's the enemy" BAM! Half team wiped in 2 seconds teamfights where strategy and counterplay no longer exist? Fed up with RIOT responding to poems and artwork but ignoring legitimate game design complaints???? Vote with your wallets. Don't buy skins. Honestly does how your champion look really matter that much to your vanity? RIOT won't listen to your complaints because they know they have your money. Take that away from them and I guarantee you they will start listening. I absolutely assure you they will move quickly to address legitimate player concerns because the big bosses above the game design team will lean on them once the money drops. This is how the world works. If you're unhappy with LOL just don't give them your money. I have some awesome skins I am desperate to own in 'My Shop' but I will never buy them on principal given the current state of the game. It would feel like funding terrorism. Unhappy? You know what you have to do guys.
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