Regarding the Pre-Season Changes and Morgana

As it stands, Morgana is not going to get any bonus armor when Pre-season hits live. Now, if we're considering midlaner Morgana, that is fine, every mage midlaner got bonus health instead of armor. But please, riot, consider that the vast majority of Morgana's playerbase is as a support, and not as a midlaner. If these changes go through it will be a HUGE indirect nerf to Morgana as a support. Her current base armor is 25.4. Just as a comparison, here are some changes. Bard: 25 > 34 Janna: 19.38 > 28 Lulu: 19.22 > 28 Sona: 20.54 > 30 Thresh: 16 > 28 So with the changes Morgana will have the lowest armor of all supports. And it's not like Morgana support is super broken either and needs a nerf. She currently sits at 48.6% winrate in Diamond+ I suggest she goes from 25.4 to 34 base armor, which is the same treatment Bard received.

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