revert akali please

so i saw the akali buffs and thought that she could be playable but iwas wrong. its fucking cancer how i have to fucking get poked out of lane and i can do nothing. oh i want to take a trade? well i have to wait 20 sec for my W and my E mean while the enemy can just auto me to death because i have no range its honestly fucking insane how riot can change a champion so much and then gut her like what the fuck. why the fuck am i playing this game if ur going to change everything about my champion and just tell me to fuck off by nerfing her to the ground. the only thing that is the same about this akali and the old akali is her W which isnt then same its just the same concept just make a new fucking champion rather then removing the old one like what the fuck. shes actaully unplayable. is feels like cancer playing her am like a sitting duck and when i use my W am a sitting duck in stealth that can only kill adcs if they are mentally r%%%%%ed enought to stand on top of my W
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