Kench Top with Grasp is the most broken shit I've ever seen in my whole life. There is literally no counter. He has more range than almost all top laners, he is the tankiest of most top laners, he has the fastest q cooldown i've ever seen (faster than riven's extended q's), and has so much cc that you cant even cs without getting down to half health in 2 seconds. All he does is auto, q, auto, and then eat you in 2 seconds. Then after you get out of him, he has his q up again. Then you can't even escape because of the amount of slow, the hitbox, and the range. This is a "tank" by the way. It is also a "support" by the way. In general all tanks shouldn't do damage in any game whatsoever. The definition of a tank is a character that has low mobility, high armor, and low damage, but noooo, they want all tanks do have more health, armor, damage, and mobility than almost all the other champions. The fact that tanks like Tahm Kench only have to build tank items to deal extreme amounts of damage, is just stupid beyond belief. This game has completely destroyed the meaning of "tank" and "support" and so on. I've tried so many different tactics to try and even survive a Kench top lane, but I've never won against a Tahm. I've watch videos and pro guides and all this stuff to try and play against a Kench but it is clearly impossible. Why does he have speed and a slow at the same time? The fact that he can outrun and slow a Riven, who has 4 dashes, is just idiotic. Things like these just tilt me beyond belief. Yes, I'm not the best player in the world, but why is a skillful champion completely outranked by someone that right clicks and presses q? It boggles my mind how ignorant Riot is about things that need real nerfs or buffs. (Irelia: -5 movement speed)
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