I report every Akali Player.

It doesn't matter if they're on my team or not. I just can't let people get away with abusing a busted champion. You might think "Oh it's Riot's fault she's like that, don't blame the players" But that's not how it works, this is a two way street. Yes they did rework a problematic champion and made her even more toxic. Yes they did release it without any playtesting because they're that bad of a company. But you know what's even worse? People use and abuse her. And for that, I think it's fair to report people who abuse champions that are broken. "But you can just ban her!" most people say, and to their credit that is true. But I prefer not to ban her, so that I can identify Akali abusers. Win, lose, or otherwise they're getting that report. This game is already bad enough, but if you abuse champions that are clearly busted? Get that ass banned.
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