Question on Autofill in Ranked

When is Riot removing autofill in ranked? They fucked up royally last season by implementing dynamic queue in "Solo Queue" last season. Now, I feel like someone in the office was put up to a bet to see if they can somehow top last season's fuck up. Autofill is the WORST thing I've seen in ranked. Keep that garbage in normals. Difference with ranked and normals is that ranked is suppose to be competitive. How the fuck is rngesus competitive while the other team gets their preferred and EXPERIENCED roles? So far, all 3 scenarios have come up in what is supposedly suppose to be a competitive environment. I've either been forced to dodge because I got riot'd with that garbage autofill in ranked, I've been forced to play with someone who has no clue how to play mid or support and feeds because Riot forced him to feed and bring the red cross over to the enemy team, or I've been in a hostage situation where someone gets autofilled and troll picks unless he gets his role or forces someone else to dodge. And if no one dodges, we getpunished. We shouldn't get punished or even dodge and take the penalty so another inbred can get away for free. Take out autofill from ranked at the very least. Keep it in norms at least, but keep ranked competitive. Else, you might as well make a ranked section for ARAM. Can I get a red to try and explain to me why even KEEP autofill in ranked after months of garbage? Queue times are not worth it for a competitive scene. Either get rid of ranked, or remove role selection and keep it randomized for both teams like the early seasons, first pick order.
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