Playing against sylas

Hello ladies and gents been seeing a ton of posts about how over powered sylas is and instead of replying to every post that he's actually pretty weak and how to play against him I've decided to make a post about it now I'm sure no ones going to read it and there's still going to be a ton of post about it but aleast I can say I tried. Sylas summary for dummies: Sylas simply put is a close range, jack of all trades battle mage. He offers a small amount of everything but doesn't really excel at anything he doesn't have the single target burst that an assassin or other mages offer, he doesn't have the dps of an adc he doesn't have the unkillable sustain of a tank he just has a little of everything. His passive is a mini aoe sheen with no cool down. His q he slams his chains on the ground dealing damage to and slowing everything struck after a short time there will be a small explosion at the intersection of the x dealing more damage and applying a heavier slow. His w is a short range point and click dash dealing damage to a target he the target is below 40% hp the damage doubles if the target is a champion sylas heals and if sylas is below 40% hp the heal doubles. Sylas's e has two casts on the first cast sylas does a small dash and applies a small shield to himself on the second cast sylas throws his Chains out in a direction pulling himself to the first enemy struck upon reaching the target it is knocked up for .5 seconds. Sylas's ultimate is a point and click ability to steal the ultimate of an enemy champion the ult scales with sylas's stats and not the enemies on top of the ultimate cooldown sylas must wait 200% of the stolen ults cooldown this is affected by cdr but cannot be shorter then 20 seconds. Laneing against sylas: Sylas is extremely weak early especially if he hasn't learned his w most sylas players from my experience don't learn w until level 3 making him vulnerable to level 1 or level 2 all-ins. Further more sylas has melee range autos and short range abilities with high cooldowns. When laneing against sylas simply punish him when he uses his abilities to farm. Also, if using a long ranged mage or marksman using your superiorrange to poke and harass should be quite simple. I personally believe that the heal from his w is a very powerful part of his kit so consider buying a grievous wounds item early. Jungleing against sylas: Honestly early on sylas can't duel 90% of the junglers out there cheese him invade him counter jungle him non stop steal all his camps kill him and make him rage quit. Thanks for reading I hope this helps I apologize for the bad quality this post was made on a flip phone.
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