i'm trying to be good at Cassiopeia but she feels horrible to play...

i'll start this by saying i know she's a Dps mage and requires the same kind of positioning as an adc. i'm actually decently good with her kit (yes my op.gg doesn't reflect that). She feels either super strong or extremely weak. her kit doesn't feel like it belongs in this game anymore. she's extremely gated by mana early game. there's so much mobility in this game that her Q is super hard to land when they are in range and most of the time they're not even in range. her ult is also very situational because of it's short range and the gimmick of facing her for the stun or not for the slow. i don't know if i'm crazy but it feels like she's only good a tiny handful of times against a team with no mobility or hard cc. can anyone help me out? l really enjoy playing her and i always get to the point where i have decent amount of CS but i can't finish up a single kill because they just get the fuck out of my range.
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