The Removal of Ryze Ult Interaction with Zhonya's

I will go ahead and post the notes from the Patch Notes in case you haven't read them: "Activating Stopwatch or Zhonya’s now cancels Ryze’s ultimate as though he had been interrupted by crowd control. When the original decision was made to allow Ryze to use Zhonya's Hourglass to guarantee his ultimate, we were on the fence about this interaction, but it was deemed acceptable because he paid a significant cost to access it. Zhonya's Hourglass either came later in the game, or delayed core items in Ryze's already expensive build. Now that the Inspiration tree has made Zhonya's effect much easier to access, we’re not comfortable with keeping this low gameplay interaction intact. UPDATED THE ULTIMATE CC Activating Stopwatch or Zhonya's now cancel's Ryze's ultimate as though he had been interrupted by crowd control." I think this is a perfectly acceptable change, but I have a friend who thinks that not only should they do this for ALL champion ult interactions with Zhonyas such as {{champion:25}} and {{champion:9}} , but he also believes that it was intended to force a META change. I had to _COMPLETELY_ disagree on _BOTH _ points, but I'm wondering how other people see it. Any thoughts?
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