I saw a change that they're making minions and jg camps spawn at 39 seconds next season, although i'm not sure if its true or not, surely riot will compensate another big indirect nerf towards my beloved clown in some way shape or form. It already has the lowest play rate of the top 20 junglers and sees absolutely no competitive play, as in twitch jg has been played more than Shaco in competitive. Perhaps they will give our clone a few chromosomes so it doesn't drool on itself in the middle of a team fight after you died. Or maybe we can play something other than "hehe i built a duskblade now i right click squishy bois and they die hehe" AD Shaco. Understandably, i can see why AP Shaco top was gutted, i mean, it has no counter play, you expect me not to run dick first into 4 boxes that i knew the position of because i watched him put them down? What? You expect me to take red trinket lvl 1 and buy 75g control wards, essentially making him useless? Don't make me laugh.
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