How can yuumi have 46% winrate and 42% banrate? yuumi is the 4th most banned champion in the game(behind yasuo in every single lane, zed and morgana) Let me explain to you why. This champion might not be winning very reliably, but when she does, she's an utterly disgusting, uncontrollable tumor. and people would rather just not deal with the problem. This champion at the base of her design is totally reliant on her team. But she needs 1 fed carry. one fed of these {{champion:122}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:11}}{{champion:39}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:18}} give those champions a lead, strap a yuumi onto them and they are near-unkillable. This champions basically removes the weaknesses from every single champion in the game. Yuumi gives near godlike sustain and healing to squishy champions, thus negating their weakness, Yuumi gives speed to immobile champions, thus negating their weaknesses, Yuumi gives cc to champions who were balanced around not having any(biggest offender {{champion:11}} ) Yuumi makes a fed carry uncontrollably powerful and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. You can't burst them down because her E heals like 30-50% (based on champion) of the healthbar per cast. godforbid that champion owns a {{item:3065}} then you know you are doomed. She just removes counterplay. Fact is, playing against a yuumi who has a fed carry on her side is just tremendously annoying and i personally would rather not have to face the issue, so i ban this champ almost every single game. Yuumi was a mistake, she could never be balanced. not with her current kit, not with how riot is pushing her to be a healbot and never detach from her ally.
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