Why Darius Is A Problem (plz nerf)

From season 5-7 things have been set up unintentionally for Darius. The first thing is his rework which introduced stronger damage, built in healing, and that's basically it. Right now he is dominating this game. Why? Because he literally has everything except a 550 range auto attack. Is he tanky? Yes. Does he deal damage? Yes. Wait, doesn't he have immobility to balance these things out? No. But...but.... he doesn't have any dash or blink or anything so just kite him, gg ez. No, have you forgotten about --->{{item:3071}} {{summoner:6}} {{summoner:4}} Yeah, just like people used to complain about Irelia, she still is kind of a bitch to play against, Darius is bad for the same reasons. He does too much for one champion. He is tanky, mobile, and both a sustained and burst damage dealer. He gets to be a lane bully early, but then flip to late game which was where he lacked pre rework he is the strongest champion out there. Even beating the asses of champions who should logically beat an AD beef cake who is just melee... *cough* {{champion:75}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:36}} So yeah, I have said pretty much what I have needed to say, no reason to beat a dead horse... Please nerf Darius...not just some -5 AD nerf, I know that seems like a lot to you Rioters, but really quit playing, you know the right ways to nerf. If you don't I wouldn't mind saying that Darius should get his heal capped by a flat amount and should no longer deal true damage on his ultimate but rather physical damage.
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