Why is Lissandra so unpopular?

I don't get it. - She can teleport (with a long distance!) - It's almost impossible to gank or dive her in lane because of that teleport - Her waveclear is good - You can stay longer in lane because of her passive - She is able to knockout a target from teamfights (shoulnd't this be OP especially because of that ADC focus right now?) - It's a guaranteed kill if you gank with Lissandra - She has SO much impact in teamfights with her dmg, CC and free zonyas... - Her design is amazing and creative lol I experienced that she is a nightmare for Kata, Ekko, Talon, Fizz ... and short ranged champions in general. I see that it is easy to dodge her abilities as a long ranged champion. But this does not justify her current pick rate imo so... what is it? And what do you think about the impact of the new runes on Lissandra?
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