Uninstalling this game for the first time in 5 years (no joke) Peak rank: (Diamond 2 100 LP)

I'm not going to talk about the glory days that I've had with league and how I'd wish we could go back to them, rather, I'm just going to give bullet points as to how ruined it is right now. 1) Damage is to high, you can't fight me on this, it's just to high, period, move on. Solution? Dial back damage on everyone by 10-15% on all abilities/base stats and start from there. 2) Towers and games are moving too quickly, there is no such thing as late game anymore, and the "live design team" state that this is intended because they don't want games to be too long in competitive. TO LONG FOR WHO? THE 500 PEOPLE THAT COME TO THE LCS STUDIO? WHO ARE YOU CATERING TO? You don't have 25,000 people filling a stadium every week, this is an online game that most people watch on there phones on the go, or on the computer. Solution? Bring back 40-55 minute games where outplay potential requires you to think 10-14 seconds ahead in a team fight, not 2 seconds. 3) Your "live design team", is a joke, a literal joke. Some of them don't even play the actual game. Some of them are ranked very low and don't understand damage potentials and what not, all they see are numbers on a spread sheet and who needs to be buffed/nerfed because a computer algorithm told them to. Also, Ghostcrawler is a joke. Solution? Get new people to design your game, people who actually care about the game, not these headless chickens running around. 4) Runes reforged pushed the game deeper into the hole of garbage. The entire system is unbalanceable or will take years to even start to see any balance of it. Stop watch is an abomination, who thought that it would be a good idea to give a free zhonyas active that can 100% turn the sway of a fight, or even give the ability to buy it out right? Resolve is a shit show in itself, you know why it's so overpowered in terms of sustain and durability? BECAUSE DAMAGE IS TO HIGH, who would of thought that insane sustain in lane would be needed when there's so much damage floating around? Solution? Go back to the old Runes/Masteries, it was much healthier. 5) RNG never needed to be introduced into this game farther than crit, zoe/dragon RNG/scuttle bull shit/fruit plants, that was all un needed. Solution? Go back to fundamentals of season 1-3 where RNG was looked down upon and didn't need to be in the game, take it out. 6) Stop giving everyone complex flashy kits, the community is tired of it, do you know why? Because we're sensitized from how much of it you've put in the game. When Zed was first released, he was absolutely insane to watch pull off a combo and jump around a team fight. Now? Almost everyone has insane crazy kits. Solution? ease up on the insanity of kits, you don't need that, it makes your player base tired of flashy plays because they happen all the time now. 7) This ties in with damage being to high, but wave clear is still an issue, and it's because damage is too high across the board. Anyone with AoE abilities can clear a wave fast, comparatively speaking from earlier seasons. Solution? Same as solution for problem number 1, make lane management a thing again. 8) Your little patch big patch cycles being a joke are a product of your idiotic design team. Solution? Do 1 huge patch every 1 month, or 2 months, that addresses many things. I don't know what else to list, but I don't care to put anymore thought into it, as the design team doesn't care either. And no this isn't my main account if you're going to call me out that I'm not Diamond, I have many accounts. AND NO, I'm not playing another game, I'm not going to be back tomorrow playing another game, I'm finished.
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