How many deaths is too many?

It's been my experience in gaming that if you can do something without being defeated, all the better for you. I consider it a matter of pride to go an entire game of anything without a single death. I do so with the mindset that I'm playing smart and not just diving in recklessly. But I can still be defeated one time and be accused of feeding the other team along with comments like "u suck" and "kill yourself." I've watched a lot of games lately including a few with the high-tier All Star "play games for a living" players and noticed that they just dive in with abandon. If they die, they die. Which begs the question: when is being defeated too many times...too much? I feel like a complete failure if I am defeated more than three times. But the pros sometimes have thirteen or fourteen deaths before a game is over and they don't get a lot of grief from doing so. Just curious.
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