Honestly, what's the point in PBE?

so we're just going to toss a vayne buff that's clearly going to be almost game breaking. her win rate shot up to all the way up to 54% and meanwhile we have a champion that has the ability to steal ANY ult in the game. Not to mention almost all champions that are new almost always comes out broken or too underpowered. Seriously, you have a fucking beta client for a reason. 80% of PBE players probably only come to play test skin and the 20%'s opinion doesn't even matter. On top of all of this, we still have to deal with Conqueror and all sorts of things. ;tldr: why have a beta client when you're just pushing all of beta shit to live build? Edit: To all of you who keep saying vayne isn't at 54% I said her WR went UP TO 54%.
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