Whenever I play Top Lane I feel I can't push my advantage even when ahead

It always feels like no matter what, if I start beating the enemy Top Laner he can just play passively. At that point my only two options are freezing lane or roaming. I usually can't roam because I can only gank mid and in my experience that is usually trading tower for kill, which IMO isn't worth it because I lose map control. The only viable option MOST times is to freeze lane and deny XP for the enemy top laner until I get a gank and knock tower. The problem with this strategy is that it is very time-consuming. By the time I get ahead, I usually feel the game has already been dictated by bot lane. You can knock down towers way to easily in that lane. -------------------------------------------------- **SOLUTION** **Make it so that ALL turrets have early damage protection, and only disable the protection for the Pro-Scene**. For those that don't know, the outer bot turret is actually easier to knock down because it takes normal damage throughout the game, while other outer turrets have a damage reduction shield until a certain time. The reason for this is because pro-players use a very efficient strategy were they lane swap to focus on farming and bullying the top laner instead of risking trades. This made for very uninteractive games, so Riot made the bot tower easy to destroy to punish this strategy (lane swap= you lose your tower easier). Problem is, this is warping the game for the majority of players while only affecting about 60 realistically, which I find odd
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