New kat is garbage

the new Katarina kit is awful. 1. daggers take forever to land 2. daggers dont land in ideal places, and they take so long to land that the fight has moved by the time they do. 3. w takes waaaaaaay too long. It is almost unusable. The one cool thing is that if someone is chasing you, you can throw it up and shunpo to double back and run the other way. But this has limited viability and is a really weak ability. By the time you get one w spin, most other champs have almost killed you, or gotten several abilities off. 4. Just overall feels clunky. Spend whole game trying to land daggers on enemies. If you dont shunpo to a dagger they are standing on, then your only attacks are autos. Katarina is not a strong auto attacker. Shunpo's cd is too slow to really make use of having multiple daggers out. It would be different if I could get several shunpos in quick succession. But you can't. 9 second cd, WTH? 4. Overall you made a cool champion whom I spent a lot of money buying a project skin for really not fun to play. This really steams me. 5. I know I said I was done with this game last week, but I saw you are buffing akali. Hopefully this solves some of my sorrows. Please bring back the old katarina too. This new kit is clunky and annoying and not fun. 6. Riot I don't know if you read my posts, but you have seriously destroyed all the champs I like to play. I have been playing this for a year now, and I have my favorite champs. Basically if I can't play them I'm not going to play at all. So I think I'm just going to delete this game and stop giving it chances. I spent all evening playing this game just to see if maybe I was too cynical. But no, screw this game. Thanks for destroying all my favorite champions minus, you suck.
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