Riot You killed Eve but with Yuumi i forgive you

{{champion:350}} Old evelynn was perhaps my favorite champion in league there was just something absolutely special about how she played and did things which of course meant she had a low playrate with solid winrates on those who took the time to master old eve's unique assassination style and when you removed her i was upset and quite frankly held a grudge against you for it forever or so i thought.{{champion:350}} {{champion:350}} Then you released Yuumi and despite my worry's about her kit i queued up for a game as her and was quite frankly blown away as she just felt brilliantly magical and unique with a unique style of gameplay which i could see many traditional support mains hating on because she plays quite unlike anything else in league and that in my opinion is a good thing so i forgive you for eve's murder and halfway forgive nerfing jungle exp.{{champion:350}} {{champion:350}} I hope you give Yuumi the time she needs to settle because i guarantee she is stronger then she currently might look because she is totally a different style of gameplay which will require more time then usual to learn and master, and if you must jump the gun and buff her do so on her Q ability and not on any other ability.{{champion:350}} In short you restored my faith in you guys and i no longer think your totally 100% incompetent, just 70% now, thanks for this champion. {{champion:350}} {{sticker:sg-lux}}
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