Teemo Rework: Swift Scout is neither Swift nor a Scout.

I like that Teemo is getting some love, but I think the current rework ideas are a bit iffy. In my opinion we need to focus on his W and his new E. His passive and Q reworks are fine, with some good tweaking. E - It's been said before, taking his invisibility and giving camouflage hurts. I liked the suggestion to give him camouflage while moving outside of bushes, but regular invisibility inside of them. People walking right ontop of you is primo teemo gameplay. W - It's a dumb ability. It does nothing and it's basically useless unless you need a fraction more movement speed to dodge something for a second. It hurts. So here's my suggestion, add some synergy to Teemo's kit with his invisibility and his W. Remove the slow on his new E, maybe give him a little extra movement speed like Twitch gets, and allow his W to synergize by VASTLY increasing his movement speed WHILE invisible with his E. Give Teemo huge mobility, he is the SWIFT SCOUT afterall, and if Teemo could push lane and speed through the enemy's jungle placing wards and scouting buffs or jungler positions, hiding in bushes and making it back to lane in time to defend his turret his macro skill expression could be vastly increased to help his high-level play. Having Teemo able to _scout_ for his team could be invaluable for ELO's where vision is king. Then again i'm copper so I don't even know what vision is. {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}

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