Can i finally say that Galio VGU was a mistake?

Can i finally say that replacing a unique tank with unique tools to peel by a mobile tank loaded with CC was SOOOOO DUMB by the design team? did people realise it? you see people complain about the massive amount of CC, and they do not understand how we got here? Pre rework galio peeled for his adc with bonus armor/mr, with bonus movement speed, and a situational CC He was replaced by a generic maokai with AOE CC, mobility, knock up (XD), and knock back on ult, as well as semi-global presence to make him nerfed in lcs like shen He got damage reduction on his ult making him even more obnoxious for melees since they won't be able to kill a target before getting cc'ed by his ult. the damage reduction itself is beyond stupid because now you can't draft cheese comp like malphite/galio (since you could give 100 armor to malphite which was amplified by his W which increased his E damage) but i guess we needed more knock ups right? right keep doing this, release more cc, rework champions like urgot with a knock up cuz we need more release ornn which can increase cc duration, because WE NEED MORE CC NEVER ENOUGH Rip my friend

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