Riot, please, i am BEGGING you, please let us prevent Tahm Kench from eating us

Being eaten by Kench is the single most FRUSTRATING thing i can ever possibly imagine i absolutely hate that all of my control is taken from me against my will no matter how many times i say "do not eat me ever" i am eventually ignored. it is the most instant tilting thing ive ever experienced please just give us a Sona button next to his scoreboard that makes him unable to select us with his W. i can understand and appreciate how useful the ability can be. but as a player, having my control taken away from me, without notice, and against my will, its just an awful, awful, awful feeling. i've lost count how many times i was at low HP, looking at all my options, and about to make a big gamble.....only to be snatched up by a Kench the instant i start pressing keys and end up dead because i was being controlled by someone else. it is MOUSE THROWINGLY FRUSTRATING and im sure we've all experienced that before i hate trying to compare games just because they're in the same genre, but Dota 2 has a disable help feature in their game for ALL players and characters, and it is the best feature i have ever seen, and i will sing its praises until the day i die

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