Rage Quitters

Rage quitting is a MASSIVE problem in my elo (Low bronze). On average I would guess at least 2/3 of games end as a 4v5 or 3v5. Almost always after a ff vote fails. Yeah. Internet can go out. And it can go out 5 seconds after a person sees that the ff vote they started has 2 no votes so is going to fail. That *can* happen. Even if they never once pinged that they were having 8300 ping previously. And they should face penalty. Maybe a small one at first. Automatic 1 game of (unannounced length) 5-10 minute queue timer for a 1st offense. 2nd offense within 10 games or 2 weeks = 2 games with random 10-20 minute queue. 3rd offense within 20 games or 4 weeks = 5 games with random 20-60 minute queue and no ranked for 2 weeks. 4th and subsequent offense within 6 weeks of a AFK punished as a 3rd offense = 2 weeks of playing only Co-op v. AI followed by 3rd offense penalty. There are ways of showing leniency and putting an end to deliberate rage quitters.

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