So when do I start playing both with and against teams that follow the meta?

Ever since i started a new account the games I've had nothing but people picking whatever they felt like, paying no regard to the meta. Everyone picks damage so there is no tank to absorb damage, double supp bot lane that does 0 damage, master yi and tryndamere top lane splitting farm because no one feels like jungling. 0 cc so high damage dealers llike kat, yi, and trynd can just fuck me over when i play adc, no peeling, i dont think they even understand the concept of peeling or focusing one person. I'm playing this game with the intention of getting better to climb ranked. I don't want these garbage teamcomps on both sides that teach me nothing because no one does them in ranked. I'm levelling a new account in a new region because riot wouldn't let me transfer my main account and levelling it is basically playing in elo hell. Because they're all new players I'm trying new things and trying new roles and I'm losing because while im usually up in cs and have a few kills over my lane opponent my team has no idea what to do post laning phase. The only way for me to win is if I play something I'm comfortable at and crush my lane opponent, but if I do that I don't get the experience to play new roles for the future. So fuck the master yi that ults in and 1v5 thinking he's a demigod or something. Fuck the people who choose a support champion the last 5 seconds after I've already called and chosen a support champion. Fuck the supports and everyone else in the god damn game who have no fucking clue what warding means, meaning the only person who wards is me with an upgraded yellow trinket, buying a ward every time i have a spare 75g. JUST MATCH ME WITH SMURFS ALREADY. IM 13W 2L. THESE GAMES ARE NOTHING BUT A BIG FUCKING WASTE TO MY TIME! Also fuck auto correct. /end rant
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